Rich, creamy and mild, yellow eye beans are delicious without fuss. Essential for New England baked beans but versatile enough for almost any cuisine, yellow eye beans have a velvety texture and take on the flavor of whatever you are cooking them in. Great for smoky sweet pork and beans, but also just as at home in a heavily spiced vegan stew; use these beans anywhere you would use navy or cannellini beans, but beware, you may never use those again after you've had yellow eye beans!

Green Thumb Farm

Fryeburg, ME

Green Thumb is a 3rd Generation farm family running a farm stand on a 13th generation farm. They are proud to offer the highest quality Certified Organic produce and plants; as well as a wide selection of local items, snacks, and beverages.

From their family to yours, they put lots of love and careful attention in each item. They are committed to sustainable agriculture; by practicing crop rotation, cover-cropping, and natural amendments.

Their produce is hand harvested daily to ensure maximum freshness and quality. They farm on the urban fringe of land which has been in their family for over 300 years. They pay their workers a living wage above the national and regional farm worker's average.

Keep open bag in an airtight container in pantry.

Yellow Eye Beans