The distinct high quality and flavor of this specialty mustard is due to the traditional grinding of the mustard seeds with silex grindstones.

Edmond Fallot

Dijon, France

Edmond Fallot has one simple trick for the best mustards – use the best ingredients, no matter how far away they are. With elements such as pepper from Madagascar, walnuts from Perigord, and blackcurrants from Dijon (of course), each batch of mustard is carefully crafted at the only remaining independent mustard mill in Burgundy, where all their seeds are grown and harvested. The mill has been a family business for around a century, the secrets of the perfect mustard passed down through the generations. Today, the grandchildren of Edmond Fallot offer an assortment of products from vinaigrettes to cornichons and several unique flavored mustards (highlights include fig and hazelnut), but ultimately, they believe that you can never beat the classic – a locally harvested, mill-ground, lovingly made mustard.

Store in refrigerator after opening.

Water, Mustard Seeds, White Wine (16.7%) (with sulphites), Vinegar, Salt, Mustard Seed Husks (with sulphites), Sugar, Spices.