BjornQorn is absolute popcorn gold. With no butter or cheese, Bjorn uses homegrown non-GMO popcorn and seasons it with all natural, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. BjornQorn's special taste comes from nutritional yeast, a high protein and high B-vitamin seasoning that is popular in vegan cuisine, and great on popcorn. The kernels are popped using the energy from the sun!


Kerhonkson, NY

Bjorn is a Minnesota corn farmer's son and Jamie is an artist and inventor. The two met at Bard College, where Bjorn became known for his delicious family popcorn recipe and Jamie for his wild concepts and contraptions. Now, the two make a cult favorite popcorn and research and experiment with solar power uses in any and every way they can.

Non-Gmo Popcorn, Safflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Salt