Hearts of Palm

Native Forest


14 oz

Hearts of Palm are prized for their delicate flavor - they are a tender and delicious add to any meal. Slice and add to salads or try grilling! The Native Forest Organic Hearts of Palm project supports the health of the consumer, the future of the rainforest and the economic and social well being of the source communities. The project brings employment and a higher standard of living to the region while maintaining respect for its culture and its vast natural resources. Product of Colombia.

Native Forest

Carpinteria, CA

The Native Forest® brand was born in 1999 with the introduction of America’s first canned Organic Hearts of Palm. Unlike most conventional alternatives, the harvesting system of Native Forest® Organic Hearts of Palm supports the preservation of native South American rain forests while benefiting source Amerindian communities. Shortly thereafter, they also introduced the US's first organic coconut milk (also available through Farm to People!).

Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 4 days.

Organic Wild Hearts of Palm, Water, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid.