Grown in the wilderness of the birthplace of coffee, this coffee blend brings together some of the most wild and exotic flavors on earth.

Bold chocolate and mild blueberry notes stand out along its winey aroma, while hints of apricot yield a medium to full body cup.

A blend of ripe fruits, dried fruits and Jasmine flowers are infused into the earthy flavor of this coffee that is both complex and clean, bold and edgy, with a lingering finish. The ground coffee is a medium grind, perfect for french press or drip. If you prefer to grind your coffee yourself or serve this espresso style, go for the whole bean.

Rural Coffee

Central Islip, NY

Rural coffee understands and values the coffee process, from harvesting of the fruit to the brewing methods. Their roasting technique and method is central to what sets them apart. They do not rush the process, allowing enough roasting time for the coffee to develop, enhancing its natural sweetness, properties and flavors. Their roasting process never burns or destroys the coffee beans, ensuring the unique and delicate flavors of the coffee bean are conserved and never compromised. With longstanding relationships with coffee farmers around the world, Rural Coffee seeks and hand selects some of the worlds finest, specialty, single-origin Arabica coffee.

Store in an airtight container. Enjoy within 30 days for best flavor, but will last several months.

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