Mexican Blue Shrimp is known for being sweet and tender with a great *snap* when you bite into it. This shrimp comes peeled, deveined, and with the tail removed so you can get cooking ASAP! Spear with a skewer for kabobs; sauté with garlic and butter; make shrimp scampi.


Marativa Seafoods

South Pasadena, CA

Marativa’s mission is in the name. The first three letters are the Spanish word for sea, and their oceans-first philosophy is what drives them. They began their endeavor to operate ethically and sustainably by becoming one of the first Fair-Trade shrimp companies. Today, with their growing line of convenient, high-quality, flash-frozen seafood, they continue to commit deeply to the fair treatment of their fishermen and the seas themselves. Whether you’re a foodie, executive chef, or retailer, prepare to discover how doing good can taste even better.

Keep frozen until ready to use. To defrost, thaw overnight in the fridge, or for same-day use, submerge the sealed plastic package of shrimp in a bowl of cool water. Change the water out every 15-20 minutes until shrimp are fully thawed, about an hour total.

Contains shrimp.