Oats are well suited to Maine’s cool moist climates and are beneficial to the farm ecosystem. Enjoy these freshly milled rolled oats on their own or in granola and baked goods. Cook as you would old fashioned oatmeal on the stove top or microwave.

Maine Grains

Skowhegan, ME

Maine Grains isn’t just a new business, it’s an engine of transformation. The mill has helped the town of Skowhegan take center stage in a global renaissance to relocalize grain economies. Maine Grains bold idea to repurpose a jailhouse into a gristmill has created an international following and Skowhegan has successfully established itself as one of the country’s emerging rural food hubs. Communities across the globe look to Skowhegan as an example of how to successfully restore the benefits of regional grain production and heritage seed.

Exercising common sense, and learning from those that have come before them, Maine Grains is committed to making the most delicious, nourishing foods from whole grains. They use modern equipment and methods that are steeped in tradition to produce freshly-milled flours that are full of flavor. Grains have long been at the center of a healthy diet and the foods that form our cultural identities. Maine Grains supports the innovators, educators and community builders that are restoring village bakeries, breweries, and thriving family farms. From chaff to dust, they move their byproducts on to composters, livestock farmers, and value-added producers so that their mill is zero-waste facility.

Best if stored in an air tight container in the freezer or use right away.

Organic Oats Made In A Facility That Also Processes Wheat.