Cherries, cherries, and more cherries! In addition to our dark red sweet cherries, we bring you the Rainier Cherry (named after the highest peak in the state of Washington). Developed in the 1950s by Washington State University, these cherries have a lower acidity than your traditional sweet dark cherry, making them even sweeter. Get 'em while you can because the growing season for Rainier cherries is short and sweet!


Murray Family Farms

Bakersfield, CA

Murray is not your average farm. They owe their success in part to the unique cherries they’ve sold for generations – cherries that are carefully picked from dozens of different varieties of trees cultivated with revolutionary growing techniques which create for unique flavors impossible to find anywhere else. Their farming practices are always organic, GMO-free, and – most importantly – regenerative. This means that every action is done with not only the crops in mind, but the soil and its ecosystem as well, mimicking natural ecosystems and seasonal cycles. Murray Family Farms ensures its soil is as healthy as possible so that customers get tastier, fresher fruits, more can be produced per season, local wildlife is happier, and greenhouse gas emissions are minimized. All their crops are picked at peak ripeness and shipped or sold immediately – which is harder for them but ensures the best quality for you. Buying their cherries and other foods supports a family, a local business, and an ecosystem. Most importantly, these practices mean they can bring you some of the best fruit you’ve ever tasted.

Wrap loosely in paper towels then store in a reusable plastic bag or container in the colder part of the fridge (not the crisper drawer) for up to a week. Wash only before eating.