Purple Artichoke

Ocean Mist Farm


1 piece

Purple artichokes can be used just like regular ones, but they'll dazzle with their richly-pigmented hue. This new, seasonal variety from Ocean Mist Farms was developed to mimic the look and flavor of certain old-world artichokes, and is selected for superior flavor and appearance. Each serving packs tons of fiber and immune-boosting antioxidants, making this vegetable a nutritional powerhouse.

Ocean Mist Farm

Castroville, CA

Ocean Mist Farms' family farming roots took hold nearly 100 years ago when Daniel Pieri and cousins Amerigo and Angelo Del Chiaros launched the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corporation in 1924. Together, they leased land south of Castroville and soon Alfred Tottino, a local vegetable grower, joined the three men in their new business venture. Today, Ocean Mist continues to farm artichokes year-round in three ideal California growing regions: Castroville, Oxnard and Coachella – plus Baja, California. Each area is known for fertile ground and productive microclimates. In addition to artichokes, they grow a full line of premium, fresh vegetables year-round.