As the name suggests, cottage cheese was first made in the kitchens of country cottages using only the simplest ingredients such as non-homogenized milk, cream, and cultures. Kalona is proud to follow this timeless tradition, and, as a result, their cottage cheese has a distinctively pure texture and full cheese flavor. All Kalona SuperNatural™ cottage cheese meets these standards: Non-homogenized, Grass-fed, Grade A, USDA Certified Organic, Kosher Certified, Made with Celtic Sea Salt®.

Certified Organic
Kalona SuperNatural

Kalona, IA

Kalona SuperNatural uses milk from grass-fed cows, pasture-grazed on small family farms that never use GMOs, herbicides or pesticides. Their products are Beyond Organic, meaning they do far more than is required by the government – for the health of their animals, the planet and your family. Kalona's herds free graze on organic grasses year round. The cows' movements rejuvenate the soil, water, and air. They create healthier milk with a natural goodness Kalona protects through minimal processing in their creamery. Famous chefs, moms, and foodies alike know that when organic dairy isn’t pasteurized to extreme temperatures, smashed through homogenization, or distorted with additives it tastes better. Taste, texture, mouth-feel, smell – try it and you’ll experience the difference.

Keep refrigerated. Enjoy by date printed on the container for best flavor.

Certified Organic Grade A Nonfat Milk, Organic Grade A Whole Milk, Organic Grade A Cream, Celtic Sea Salt, Cultures (Mucor Miehei Protease). Contains: Milk