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Lard is a high fat cooking oil made from rendered pig fat that used to be the choice fat for chefs and bakers until processed vegetable oils moved into the scene. Now that we know that hydrogenated oils and trans-fats are not all they were cracked up to be, lard is making a comeback! As it is naturally solid when cold or at room temperature, many cooks swear by lard in pastries like pie crusts and biscuits because it adds better flavor and holds up to high temperatures better than vegetable shortening or butter. Plus, its high smoke point makes it excellent for frying or sauteing, with the added benefit of less oil absorption into your food than many vegetable oils. Lard is also a great fat barrier for when making large meat roasts to keep things super moist on the inside and irresistibly crisp and delicious on the crust--perfect for that Thanksgiving bird or holiday prime rib.

Delivered frozen.

Stryker Farm

Saylorsburg, PA

In 2010, at age 21, Stryker Farm’s owner Nolan Thevenet decided to drop out of college and follow his dream of working outside and being a farmer. Over a decade later, he prides himself on practicing true free range farming. Each of Stryker Farm's livestock animals has unrestricted access to a wild habitat of pasture and forest land, thus allowing them to act out their natural behaviors. Nolan believes that small scale, sustainable farming is the answer to many environmental, animal welfare, and human health issues of our time. With words like "natural" and "organic" often being over-used, it is more important than ever to know where your food is coming from and how it was raised.

Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

Rendered Pork Fat