Italian Herbed Cashevre Vegan Cashew Cheeze



6.5 oz

Cashevre is an incredibly rich and creamy plant based cheese, with a slight tang and dusted in freshly ground herbs. With no more than a dollop tossed in pasta you have a to die for vegan alfredo that can convert the most ardent of dairy supporters. Schmear on your toast or bagel with some tomato, cucumber, and onion, or just inhale it it right off your knife.


Fleischmanns, NY

Cheezehound's creator, Lori Robin, is the quintessential proto-hipster-vegan. She looks like a punk rocker, listens to classical music, and rides motorcycles. Rural and urban, social and private, Lori is deliciously complex. And so are her vegan cheeses. That's what makes them both irresistible. Lori's Cheezes are born from her experimentation with ingredients and method, which come together to create the rich, complex flavors of Cheezehound.

Keep refrigerated. Store any leftover pieces in wax or cheese paper, not in plastic wrap or sealed containers.

Organic Cashews, Organic Culture, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Herbs, Sea Salt