This Amish family farm and creamery makes some of the creamiest yogurt with grass-fed, pasture raised whole cow milk. Enjoy this healthy, probiotic treat for breakfast with some honey, granola and fruit. Or use in your cooking whether to add a tangy edge to cool soups or sauces or as a marinade for chicken.

Pequea Valley Farm

Ronks, PA

Owned and operated by the Abner King family in Ronks, PA, Pequea Valley Farm produces some of the finest, freshest yogurt on the market. An Amish family, the Abner Kings are using all-natural, home-grown methods that have been used for centuries--no fancy modern tech or sanitized probiotics here! Using milk from their pasture-raised Jersey cows and a culture passed down on the farm, Pequea Valley Yogurt is able to provide a rare yogurt experience that hearkens back to when one had to make their own fresh yogurt. As close to homemade as possible, their local yogurt is sure to please.

Keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Contains Milk.