Ginger Shot



2 fl oz

The Monfefo Ginger Shot is exactly what the name implies - a ginger first product! The first and most prominent ingredient is organic cold-pressed ginger juice from sustainable Peruvian farms that is triple-washed and then cold-press them at Monfefo's factory in Brooklyn, NY. From there, they add fresh organic lemon juice and a touch of organic honey for a perfectly balanced shot. Oh and did we mention, it’s über spicy! Remember: Shake up your shot! The white sediment at the bottom of your shot is called Gingerol, the main bio-active compound found in ginger juice, or as Monfefo likes to put it “the power”. So remember to shake up all that good stuff!


Brooklyn, NY

Build your immune system with these handcrafted organic, cold-pressed ginger and turmeric shots. At Monfefo, the mission is to make a high quality drink with a purpose and deliver it in a conscious and sustainable way. Each of their raw, cold-pressed beverages are handcrafted with the highest quality organic ginger and turmeric on the market, sourced from biodynamic farms in Peru, Hawaii, and Thailand, and placing utmost focus on sustainability and nourishment. They never add any preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients and manage the entire creation process in Brooklyn, NY.

Keep refrigerated. Consume by date on bottle.

Organic Ginger Root Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Honey