Grown by nearby Hepworth Farms, a certified organic farm in Milton, NY, these cherry tomatoes were packed and flash frozen at the peak of their summer season, so you can get your sweet, delicious cherry tomato fix year round. Simmer into a sauce; top a pizza; blend into a frozen Bloody Mary cocktail.

Hudson Harvest

Germantown, NY

Hudson Harvest’s mission is to change the food system by providing a reliable outlet for small farms. They are a local food distributor based in New York’s Hudson Valley, founded in Kingston, NY in 2011 as Hudson Valley Harvest. Now located in Germantown, NY, they deliver farm transparent local food throughout the Northeast to wholesale customers, including restaurants, catering companies, cafes, grocery stores, and schools, as well as directly to individuals and families, serving customers from Saratoga to Central New Jersey. They’ve built relationships with growers, butchers, millers, and cheese makers based on a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. Together, they’re creating a thriving food system and stronger local communities.

Keep frozen until ready to use. Can be cooked from frozen.

Cherry Tomatoes