Boneless Leg of Lamb

White Clover Sheep Farm


3.8 lb - 4.8 lb

A leg of lamb is the classic cut for a lovely lamb roast. Already such a flavorful and tender cut of meat, the best preparation is to largely leave it alone, rub it with some herbs like rosemary and garlic, then roast to medium/medium rare to preserve all the best things about this cut. We like it served the traditional English style, with a side of mint jelly. Comes oven ready in heat safe netting. Limited quantities available. All of our lamb cuts are sourced from a single animal at Stryker Farm. Purchasing the whole animal like this is the most sustainable way to source meat because it ensures all the parts of the animal are used and minimizes the number of animals needed to make the meat, therefore less waste is created and less resources are used. Between 4.5-5lbs each at $20/lb.

Delivered frozen.

Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 2 days.