A whole brisket is made up of a flat (also known as the "first cut") and a point (also known as a "deckle"). The flat (this cut) is very lean with a "fat cap" that keeps it moist while cooking. This is a perfect cut of meat for smoking or cooking low and slow and produces familiar, even slices of brisket.

Delivered frozen.

Rosenkrans Farm

Seneca Falls, NY

Rosenkrans farms focus on providing the best quality of life for their cows – and as a result, produce the highest quality beef for you. Their animal welfare certifications and frequent involvement with the New York Beef Quality Assurance Program are testaments to this fact. Their location in Seneca Falls ensures bountiful soil and mineral-rich water, helping to provide a healthy, balanced diet of nutritious plants and grasses for all their cows. This is more than a happy coincidence; the Rosenkrans team works tirelessly to manage and preserve the surrounding land and waterways. The Angus and Hereford beeves’ carefully tended environment and nutritious diet ensures flavorful, tender meat with exquisite marbling.

Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 2 days.