To get the most out of cooking chicken, it's always best to cook a whole bird. Less wasteful, and guaranteed to be more flavorful than any one part, cooking a whole chicken will be sure to bring the family together for a great meal (or provide several meals for one for the whole week!). Roast whole stuffed with lemons and garlic cloves or traditional bread-based stuffing; spatchcock and bake for a quick but succulent dinner; brine for 24 hours and roast with some herb butter in the skin for a delicious, somewhat neutral base for many meals. Distributed by Snowdance Farms, these American Bird chickens are always air-chilled for quality and flavor, free-range, and grown locally on Pennsylvania family farms. Named American Bird, these chickens are an American breed raised in an American specific way that have an incredible flavor and texture naturally. Plus, the air-chilling, since there is no chlorinated water bath, also means you get a better textured, flavored, and quicker cooking chicken that is better for you and for the environment.

Delivered frozen.

Snowdance Farm

Livingston Manor, NY

Snowdance Farm in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York specializes in free-range chickens, as well as other humanely raised, pasture-raised meats. They raise a specific type of chicken that is a bespoke cross of three different heritage breeds including a Sussex and Essex, and the chickens are fed a very specific diet that includes alfalfa and flower seeds. These heritage birds take almost twice as long to reach mature size, 12-14 weeks, as compared to a commercial cornish cross breed chicken. They're fed a vegetarian diet supplemented by pasture foraging and are never given antibiotics, hormones, or medications. They have more than the required square footage per bird to qualify as humanely raised, and they have all sorts of toys and distractions, as well as access to the outdoors. When it's time for the chicken to reach the plate, they are humanely butchered in a USDA inspected facility that air chills the birds (vs water chilled) for better flavor, less mess, and less water weight, meaning you get the most meat, and most flavorful meat, for your investment.

Product arrives frozen and can be stored in freezer up to 12 months past sell-by/freeze-by date on package. Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 1 day.