Poor Devil Pepper Co.

Hudson, NY

Poor Devil Pepper Co. was created by Laura Webster & Jared Schwartz. They've been making fermented hot sauce since 2014. Their plan was to create the most flavorful hot sauce out there, free of additives and vinegar. So they made a raw, fermented hot sauce that uses only fresh, organic vegetables, organic seasonings and Celtic sea salt. They apply the same fermentation process as kimchi or sauerkraut to the peppers. This means they have a fermenting period of at least 6-8 weeks. Jared works on research and development for future sauces and Laura is out there talking fermentation and running the marketing. Their hot sauce is packed with flavor and uses ingredients from local, certified organic farms in the Hudson Valley that are focused on regenerative agriculture. Poor Devil is located in Hudson, NY and produced at Farm Ferments.